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What are cookies?

Like most sites, sends small text files known as “cookies” to your computer or device. A cookie stores select pieces of information based on your visit to the Rothschild Foundation website. Examples of data stored within cookie files would be information you input into a registration form e.g. email address, first name and last name, and post code.

These cookies either last for the length of time you use the website, or may stay on your computer for a limited period of time to allow to recognise you if you return.

We use cookies to provide you with an easier and more customised service, as well as tracking how visitors use

Cookies are small text (.txt) files containing basic information about a particular website and user.

How to control or delete cookies

You can easily block or delete cookies on, or any other website through your browser.

You can reject all or certain cookies. You can also configure your browser to get notifications when a cookie is offered.

For help on how to delete cookies, visit  Please be aware that if you reject cookies your experience of may not reach its full potential.