Information for grant applicants

Applications for funding may be submitted during the periods indicated in the timetable below. All submissions must be via our online application system using the link below (available during submission periods only).

More information about what information you will need to submit is below. Before you apply, please read about our current grant programmes to find out whether your project is eligible. It may also help to familiarise yourself with our areas of interest and to read our FAQs page. If you are still unsure whether your project or organisation is eligible, please contact us for guidance.

Funding rounds

The Rothschild Foundation offers two funding rounds annually: a spring round and an autumn round. The key dates for each round are:


  • Applications open: February
  • Applications close: 15th March (or the next working day if this date falls on a weekend)
  • Applicant visits: March – April
  • Funding decision: July


  • Applications open: August
  • Applications close: 5th September (or the next working day if this date falls on a weekend)
  • Applicant visits: September – October
  • Funding decision: December

What to include in your application

Our application form is available online and all applications must be submitted in this way. We will not accept applications via email or post. You can view a list of areas that the form will ask you to address here. You will also be asked to include:

  • A spreadsheet detailing the breakdown of costs of the projct and accounts summary
  • Organisation bank details with scanned proof of entitlement (ie bank statement or paying in slip)
  • Latest set of published organisation accounts
  • Cover letter from head of organisation
  • Pictures (as jpeg images) to illustrate the project and work you do (maximum of five images)

We may organise a meeting with you to find out more about your proposal or to gain insight into you organisation. We will not ask you to make a presentation.

How your application is assessed

The Rothschild Foundation has a formal structure to determine its grant making.

All applications are initially received by the Grants Team who will undertake an initial assessment. Part of this will, wherever possible, involve a visit to your organisation or a meeting in order to gain a fuller understanding of your work. There will be cases where this is not necessary, for example in the case of very small local projects or organisations where we have already conducted a recent visit. We may also take up an independent referee on your work. You will be asked to nominate a referee when applying to us.

The Grants Team then report to the Grants Committee, who will consider applications and make recommendations to our Board of Trustees. Funding decisions are made by the full Board of Trustees.