Information for grant applicants

General information for applicants, including timetable and decision-making, is below. For specific guidance on our different open funding programmes, including eligibility and how to apply, please see the Grant Programmes page of this website. If you experience any difficulties in completing the application process for any of our Grants Programmes please contact the Grants team.

Funding rounds

The Rothschild Foundation offers two funding rounds annually: a spring round and an autumn round. The key dates are below (note that where a date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, the deadline will be the next working day).


Date Local and Community Grants Impact Grants
January 15th January – EOI submission deadline (submit via link provided by Grants Manager)
February 1st February – Applications open (submit via website) 1st February – Response to EOI
March 15th March – Application deadline 15th March – Full application deadline
April Project site visits/ meetings Project site visits/ meetings
May Rothschild Foundation Grants Committee meeting Rothschild Foundation Grants Committee meeting
June Rothschild Foundation Trustee meeting Rothschild Foundation Trustee meeting
July Funding decision announced Funding decision announced


Month Local and Community Grants N.B. No Impact Grants in Autumn round
July 1st July – Applications open (submit via website)
August 15th August – Application deadline
September Project site visits / meetings
October Rothschild Foundation Grants Committee meeting
November Rothschild Foundation Trustee meeting
December Funding decision announced

How your application is assessed

The Rothschild Foundation has a formal structure to determine its grant making.

All applications are initially received by the Grants Team who will undertake an initial assessment. Part of this will, wherever possible, involve a visit to your organisation or a meeting in order to gain a fuller understanding of your work. There will be cases where this is not necessary, for example in the case of very small local projects or organisations where we have already conducted a recent visit.

The Grants Team then report to the Grants Committee, who will consider applications and make recommendations to our Board of Trustees. Funding decisions are made by the full Board of Trustees.