Information for grant holders

Reporting for grant holders

Our funding programmes each have their own reporting requirements. For more information on the requirements of your grant, please refer to the appropriate programme page. If your grant was awarded before the launch of our new programmes in January 2018, your reporting requirements will be different. Please contact us for guidance.

We may visit your organisation during the lifetime of the grant to view first-hand how our funding is making a difference to your work.

If any issues arise, or there is a change to how you wish to spend grant funds, please let us know. We understand that sometimes plans need to be adapted and lessons learnt as part of a project.

Acknowledgement of grant

The Rothschild Foundation is happy to be acknowledged as a supporter of projects and organisations that we grant-fund and encourage use of our logo where appropriate. A high-quality version of the logo can be downloaded below.

Please send us instances of where the logo will be featured for approval prior to publication. The Rothschild Foundation encourage you to promote your activity on social media platforms.