Who we are

Areas of interest

The Rothschild Foundation has a number of main areas of interest within which we work: arts and heritage, the environment, education and social welfare. These themes connect our broader work back to Waddesdon Manor, which remains at the heart of our identity and purpose, and to the Rothschild family tradition of philanthropy and support for the local community.

Arts and Heritage

Arts and heritage is an area to which the Rothschild family foundations have given generously over the years. At the Rothschild Foundation, we are keen to support initiatives that encourage the public to engage with and enjoy the rich heritage and high quality arts and culture that the UK has to offer. We are particularly interested in supporting the provision of arts and culture of the highest quality and to increasing access for those who are marginalised or excluded. As well as continuing to support Waddesdon Manor, the Foundation works with artistic and cultural organisations both in the area local to Waddesdon Manor and nationally.


Targeted support is given to environmental initiatives in the UK and, less often, abroad. We work with business leaders, policy makers and environmental thinkers to explore some of the most pressing issues of the day, including scarcity of resources, energy, food and water security, climate change and sustainable consumption. As well as providing funds for charitable groups and organisations, we support the implementation of environmental initiatives in and around Waddesdon Manor where our team are committed to the creation of a sustainable and self-sufficient operation with minimal adverse impact on its local environment.

Education and social welfare

The Rothschild Foundation’s main focus in this area is supporting informal education and activities that enhance educational opportunity, particularly where these connect with arts and heritage and the environment. Within formal education settings, our funding supports organisations who provide additional opportunities within school, rather than funding schools directly. We are keen for activities to engage local schools whose pupils experience specific challenges, particularly where this includes interesting and exciting ways for young people to experience Waddesdon Manor and its Estate.

In keeping with the Rothschild family tradition of support for the local community, the Rothschild Foundation supports the work of organisations in the area around Waddesdon who make lives better for local people. This ranges from activities addressing social isolation of the elderly through to increasing opportunities for people with disabilities. We are keen to engage with small organisations where unique local and a nimble approach can often best meet community needs.