Who we are

Policy areas

The Rothschild Foundation has a number of policy areas within which we work. These connect our broader work back to Waddesdon Manor, which remains at the heart of our identity and purpose, and to the Rothschild family tradition of philanthropy and support for the local community.

Arts and Heritage

Arts and heritage is an area to which the Rothschild family foundations have given generously over the years. The Rothschild Foundation seeks to support initiatives that encourage the public to engage with and enjoy the rich heritage and high quality arts and culture that the UK has to offer. The Foundation works with artistic and cultural organisations both in the area local to Waddesdon and nationally. Our major initiatives are most often in the field of arts and heritage, and the cultural sector is perhaps the most important area to our work, not least through all that we do at Waddesdon Manor.


The Rothschild family has a distinguished history of support for environmental causes, from initiating the protection of areas of natural importance across the UK to renowned achievements in the field of natural history. A keen interest in the environment continues, inspired and informed by our work as the caretakers of Waddesdon and the wider Estate that surrounds it, encompassing a mix of ornamental, wild and farmed land. The Foundation gives targeted support to environmental initiatives in the UK and supports the implementation of environmental initiatives in and around Waddesdon Manor where our team are committed to the creation of a sustainable and self-sufficient operation with minimal adverse impact on its local environment.


Education and learning has long been at the heart of our approach to the buildings and collections of which the Foundation is custodian. We support continued engagement with, and understanding of, these assets by investment in scholarship and through public exhibitions. The Foundation also supports informal education more broadly, especially where this addresses inequality and enhances opportunity. In addition, we look for educational activities that provide interesting and exciting ways for young people to engage with Waddesdon Manor, and to work with and enhance the education and learning opportunities provided by the Manor education team.

Social welfare

In keeping with the Rothschild family tradition of support for the local community and being a good neighbour, the Rothschild Foundation also works in the broad area of social welfare, with the aim of making lives better for people living local to Waddesdon Manor. The Foundation seeks to engage with small organisations where a unique local and nimble approach can often best meet community needs.