The Henry Kissinger Lecture

10 June 2014

The Rothschild Foundation hosted the Henry Kissinger Lecture at the Royal Academy on 19th May to honour the work and lifetime achievements of Dr Henry Kissinger and to mark his 90th birthday.
To reflect Kissinger’s extensive expertise and influence in the Far East and China, Professor Tu Weiming was invited to give the lecture entitled ‘Cultivating a Culture of Peace and Understanding: A Vison for 21st Century China’. Professor Tu is an eminent academic from Beijing University and Senior Fellow of the Asia Centre at Harvard. As an eminent New Confusian he has written extensively on cultural understanding and the value of certain elements of Confucian philosophy being applied in a contemprary context.

It was a historic occasion in which Dr Kissinger spoke movingly about his early experiences in China, a place he has known intimately for decades and whose modern relations with the West he helped shape.  An audience of around 200 people were present for the lecture.