Charity of the Year

Charity of the Year

The Charity of the Year is nominated by Waddesdon Manor staff and volunteers and is not an open application programme. 

Charity of the Year offers Waddesdon Manor staff and volunteers the opportunity to support a charitable cause in the local community. The successful charity is awarded a grant by the Rothschild Foundation with staff and volunteers joining events or volunteering opportunities across the year to ‘unlock’ the funding.

Staff and volunteers nominate charities which are;  

  • Within 30 miles of Waddesdon estate 
  • Provide benefit to the local community
  • Work in the key areas of interest to the Rothschild Foundation and Waddesdon: arts and heritage, education, environment, or social welfare
  • Support people as primary beneficiaries (rather than animals)

Charity of the Year 2021 – Hector’s House

Staff and volunteers at Waddesdon Manor and the Rothschild Foundation have chosen Hector’s House, which promotes open discussions around mental health to end stigma and prevent suicide, as their official charity of the year for 2021.

Founded in memory of Hector, who took his own life in 2011 at the age of 18, the Berkhamstead-based charity work to end suicide and mental health stigma through education, awareness and support. By delivering talks to local school and spreading awareness, the dedicated team hope to help save the lives of others contemplating suicide, believing that together, we can end suicide.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of mental health support, and since the start of the pandemic Hector’s House have seen a significant increase in their work. The charity’s online resources, such as the Library of Calm, helplines and meditation classes, help thousands of people, while their provision of tailored signposting for anyone who turns to them looking for support helps approximately 150 people each year. With more and more people needing urgent mental health care, Waddesdon and the Rothschild Foundation therefore hope this timely partnership can help direct more people towards the right care for them.


2020 – Lindengate

2019 – Florence Nightingale Hospice

2018 – Bucks Young Carers