6th Stranded Assets Forum

10 April 2017

The Rothschild Foundation has hosted the sixth in a series of forums delivered by the Smith School, University of Oxford.

These forums originally focused on stranded assets and have since expanded to a broader range of sustainable finance and investment topics. The forums are private workshops designed to explore important new topics with small groups of carefully selected high-level decision-makers. Each forum brings together leading practitioners from key constituencies from within the global financial eco-system. This is important as these constituencies are often siloed and fail to interact sufficiently on key issues. This leaves important perspectives ignored and results in the failure to properly understand problems and develop effective solutions.

The sixth forum, held in April 2017 at Waddesdon, was entitled ‘From Disclosure to Data – Towards a New Consensus for the Future of Measuring Environmental Risk and Opportunity’ and explored developments in the way that investors measure company and asset-level exposure to environmental risk and opportunity.