Digital Creator Residencies at Somerset House

26 February 2021

The Rothschild Foundation has partnered with Somerset House to launch a new creator-in-residence programme.

The creators-in-residence will work with the Somerset House and Somerset House Studios programming teams to produce innovative digital content enabling the production of live and hybrid events, highly produced films, broadcasts and podcasts in collaboration with artists and residents.

Someset House are seeking three skilled creatives working across film, audio and streaming to join the Somerset House team and community as part of a 6-month residency programme. These three roles are:

  • Film maker (Self shooting Director/Director of Photography/ Editor)
  • Film maker (Editor / Colourist / Camera Operator)
  • Audio/Podcast Producer

This programme aims to support the development and continued practice of the participants through access to workspace, resources and the Somerset House networks longer term. We are particularly excited to receive applications from people whose backgrounds are underrepresented in the digital sector.

Please visit the Somerset House website to view the full job descriptions and application details.