BiteBack 2030

16 December 2021

We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with BiteBack 2030, a new youth led movement for a healthier, fairer food system.  Funding will contribute towards Lab2030: A Youth and Food industry Partnership Programme and Food Systems Dialogue. Over the course of 12 months Bite Back’s youth activists will partner with major food retailers to help identify, develop and deliver a major change to their business model that will contribute to healthier more sustainable food solutions. Using the unique setting of Windmill Hill, home of the Rothschild Foundation, partners will come together through a series of workshops and conference. Progress will be documented and evaluated and shared with others to drive a wider dialogue for change.

We’re also supporting BiteBack 2030 to scope opportunities for local young people in Buckinghamshire to join Bite Back’s national Youth Board.  This will involve discussion with local initiatives such as the Bucks Food Partnership and Feedback’s Green Futures programme.  Support for young people is another key theme of our Strategic Fund for Buckinghamshire.

Rothschild Foundation’s funding will  support Green Futures, a youth employability programme focused on green jobs. Building on ‘Food Citizens’, the project delivered by Feedback and supported by the RF over the past three years, Green Futures responds to the gap in local employment pathways into green jobs and the rise in youth unemployment which has tripled in Bucks over the past year. Green Futures focuses on building partnerships between the local food and youth sectors in order to deliver a programme of activity that opens up the local food sector as a viable career pathway for young people.

Look out for more information on this theme in next February’s newsletter.