Creators-in-Residence programme at Somerset House

07 February 2022

The Creators-in-Residence programme at Somerset House offers the opportunity for digital creatives excited by the potential of collaborating with the Somerset House creative community, to produce innovative digital content, enabling the production of live and hybrid events, highly produced films, broadcasts and podcasts in collaboration with artists and residents. 

As a result of the residency programme a new Somerset House podcast is set to be released this February. Each series is developed with a different audio producer as part of the residency, working behind the scenes at Somerset House to uncover the stories explored through our programme and creative community.

The first 6-part series, The Process, is produced by Alannah Chance and goes behind the scenes on the artist process with the artists themselves. Each episode explores one big idea emerging from a work in progress and follows the thread, from the artists’ initial inspiration, through the cross section of thinkers who helped them get there, to hear the form it might take next. The Creators-in-Residence programme has enabled a more strategic and creative approach to podcasting for Somerset House, allowing creative ideas to be developed and documented over a sustained period of time – a benefit to the Creators-in-Residence and the artists featured in how they communicate their work.

“I’ve gained a lot from the experience. It has been really creatively rewarding to collaborate with such a vast array of different artists and be privy to the internal workings of their creative process. These collaborations have pushed me in new creative directions and opened me up to different approaches which has had a positive impact on my own practice.”

Alannah Chance, Audio Producer, Creator-in-Residence

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