Due to the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak, we have suspended our usual application processes for all grant programmes. Details of funding priorities for a Covid-19 Recovery Fund will be published on our website in July.

What is the Rothschild Foundation?

We are an independent charity with an expendable endowment. We were established by Lord (Jacob) Rothschild to maintain and promote Waddesdon Manor and to further the Rothschild family’s charitable aims. You can find out more in the Who We Are section of our website.

How does the Rothschild Foundation differ from Rothschild Foundation Europe and Yad Hanadiv?

A number of charities have been established by various members of the Rothschild family. Yad Hanadiv and the Rothschild Foundation (Europe) Hanadiv are separate charities to us, with their own dedicated administrations. More information on each can be found at: http://rothschildfoundation.eu/ and http://www.yadhanadiv.org.il/

Where does the Foundation get its money from?

Our assets are derived from a number of charitable trusts inherited or created by Lord Rothschild, which were merged in 2010 to form The Rothschild Foundation. Our assets are a mixture of investments and fixed assets such as property and art. Lord Rothschild has gifted further assets in the form of land and art to the Foundation over recent years.

What are the Foundation’s aims?

Our primary aim is to support and promote Waddesdon Manor for the benefit of the general public. Beyond this, we seek to support arts and heritage, education, the environment and general social welfare projects in the area local to Waddesdon. More information may be found in the ‘What we do' area of our website.

Who has the Foundation funded?

Details of grants awarded may be found in our Annual Review. Announcements of the most recent grants awarded can be found in the news section of this website.

Do you fund outside the UK?

We occasionally make grants to charities based outside the UK, but we are not open to unsolicited applications from such charities.

Which parts of the UK do you focus on?

Our local community grants programme focuses on the area 10 miles around the Waddesdon Estate in Buckinghamshire. Our other grant programmes in arts & heritage and education and environment will occasionally fund projects in London and across the UK, but often maintain a strong focus on Buckinghamshire in general. We focus especially on this part of the country because of the Rothschild family's historic links with the county and as Waddesdon Manor sits within Buckinghamshire.

Are there things you don’t fund?

Our grants focus on charities or organisations with charitable status, rather than for example funding individuals. We don’t normally fund major capital projects (although smaller capital such as minor refurbishment or equipment may be supported). Our main focus is on arts and heritage, education, the environment and general social welfare projects in the area local to Waddesdon. Normal exclusions to funding include: medical care, medical equipment, medical research, academic research and bursaries, animal charities and projects outside of the UK.

Do you fund social enterprise company /CIC (Community Interest Company), or profit organisations if the work proposed is charitable?

We currently focus on charities or organisations with charitable status.

Does the Foundation ever support individuals?

We do not make grants directly to individuals.

We want to make an application but we do not have a set of accounts or track record.

We generally only support charities that have been operating for at least two years and are able to provide audited accounts for that period.

Is my project eligible? How do I apply?

Please read all the information in the ‘What we do’ and 'Grants' areas of our website to confirm if your organisation/ project is eligible. Much of our funding is proactive and not open to unsolicited applications, however our Impact Grants, and Local and Community Grants are open for applications in the Spring and Autumn annually. Having read the online information for applicants, should you have further questions please send us an email with ‘Impact Grants query’ in the subject heading. If you wish to make an initial approach and submit an Expression of Interest, please include ‘EOI request’ in the subject heading. Emails should be sent to [email protected] If you are invited to submit an EOI application, you will be sent a link by email to the online form.

Can I meet you? Do you conduct site visits?

For our proactive work, meeting and discussing projects with potential partners is a key part of how we identify new projects to fund. In our open grant programmes, wherever possible we will conduct a visit or meet you after submission of your application as part of our review process. You will not be expected to give a presentation. We occasionally visit or meet prior to submission of an application, but often this is not possible due to the demands on our time. We are however always happy to speak on the telephone.

When should I apply? When will I know the outcome?

There are two funding rounds each year, and applications for open programmes may be submitted between January and March for the summer round, and between July and early September for the winter round. The outcome for each round is announced in July and December respectively.

Please read the 'Grants' section of the website for exact submission dates.

Do you comment on draft applications? Can I receive feedback on my application?

We are not able to comment on draft applications.

If there are any areas that need clarification upon receipt of an application, we will raise these with you when we visit or by telephoning/emailing you. We also provide comments on unsuccessful applications whenever possible.

Can my organisation have more than one grant at a time?

Normally we will not consider a further application until any current funding period has ended. We are also unable to increase grant amounts for any reason.

We have been awarded a grant. What kind of reporting does the Foundation require and how often?

When a grant is confirmed we will issue a ‘grant agreement’ detailing its terms, which is signed by both parties. The grant agreement will say how often progress and expenditure reports are required, and they are usually requested annually. In most cases, we work with grantees to set out one or two clear objectives and ask that reports relate directly to them to confirm that activity supported by the Foundation is on track. We are interested to hear about activities you have delivered and also the impact and benefit of these undertakings. Financial reporting should be compared to the budget breakdown detailed in your original application.

How should we acknowledge the grant?

If you wish to publically acknowledge the support of the Rothschild Foundation we will be able to send you our logo and guidance on its use. We ask to approve all use of our logo prior to publication. The Rothschild Foundation will also connect with and share information about grant holders on the news section of our website.

What should we do if we need to make changes to a project for which we have received funding?

Please contact us to discuss any changes. If these are significant, we may need to gain formal approval from our Trustees. It is always best to let us know of any issues relating to something we are funding as soon as possible. Please let us know if you experience delays in starting the project, if key members of staff leave your organisation or you foresee an over or underspend. We will generally be flexible where possible, and the withdrawal of grants is very rare.

What is the Waddesdon Staff and Volunteer Charity of the Year?

The Charity of the Year is an internal programme for all staff and volunteers at Waddesdon to support a local charity benefiting the communities around the Manor and Estate. Charities can only be nominated by current employees and volunteers, and are then short-listed for a vote to select a preferred Charity of the Year. The chosen charity will benefit through events at Waddesdon to highlight the charity’s work and will also receive a grant from the Rothschild Foundation.

Is it possible to be awarded the Waddesdon Staff and Volunteer Charity of the Year and also be a grant holder?

If you already hold a grant from the Rothschild Foundation it is possible to be nominated to become the Charity of the Year. Once selected, the Charity of the Year may also apply for a Local & Community grant or Impact grant. It is not possible to hold an Impact grant and Local & Community grant concurrently.