The Rothschild Foundation

The Rothschild Foundation was established in 2010 and represents the consolidation of three previous Rothschild charitable trusts. One of these, The Alice Trust, had as its mission the preservation, protection and improvement of Waddesdon Manor in the Vale of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire for the benefit of the public.

The Rothschild Foundation continues this commitment, devoting a considerable portion of its funding to the restoration, preservation, improvement and development of the Manor and its collection. Waddesdon today represents a centre for excellence in the fields of arts, heritage and culture, conservation, the environment and horticulture, thanks in large part to the ongoing benefaction of the Foundation. This compliments the Foundation’s wider support of initiatives across our areas of interest which, in the past, have included significant donations to the National Gallery, the British Museum and the Royal Academy of Art, among others.

The formation of the Rothschild Foundation formalised the Rothschild family commitment to being a good neighbour, steadily growing a small grants programme in support of charitable organisations in the area local to Waddesdon.

The Foundation also uses the unique setting of Waddesdon and Windmill Hill to host exhibitions, debates and round table discussions addressing key issues within our areas of interest.

Over its first seven years, the Foundation has given away over £45 million to Waddesdon Manor and many other charitable causes.

The Rothschild Foundation has given away over £45 million to charitable causes.