Community Voices: A series of posts written by the organisations we support

06 November 2020

We are proud to support the Buckinghamshire charity sector. In the past, we have focused predominately on offering financial support through our grant programmes. However, as a funder, we recognise that we can add value to the sector in other ways too.  It is important that we utilise our networks and contacts to amplify the voices of our local charities and the communities we serve.

We are therefore delighted to launch Community Voices, a new series of posts written by the organisations we support. We hope to provide a platform for local charities to share their expertise and offer their unique insight into the opportunities available to and challenges faced by Buckinghamshire residents.

If you are a current or past grantee and would like to be featured in the series, please email your Grant Manager or contact us. We will require the following items:

  • Article of up to 500 words
  • High quality image
  • Copyright details for the image  in the format [Description of image] © [Year photo taken] [Copyright holder] [Photographer name]
  • Confirmation that you hold the appropriate model release forms or GDPR consent for any individuals in the image
  • Your organisation logo

Please note that we may edit contributions for clarity and tone.

This is the first time we have asked for contributions to our website. If it proves popular, we may need to set some limits on the number of contributions we can accept or adjust the publication frequency. We will of course let you know if this should happen.