New grants programme announced

06 December 2017

The Rothschild Foundation has announced the launch of a new flagship grants programme for Buckinghamshire. Impact Grants seek to make a difference for those living in the county through addressing a number of priority areas within three broad funding themes: Art with social impact; Opportunities and life chances; and Resource sustainability.

Informed by an awareness of local need, past grant-making and the interests of the Rothschild family, Impact grants will enable the Foundation to support organisations who are delivering successful work, or exploring new approaches, within focused Priority Areas. Alongside the desire to provide a longer term commitment to grantees we hope that this will deliver demonstrable impact for communities in Buckinghamshire.

Our funding will continue to prioritise marginalised groups. Within our Arts with social impact theme our Priority Areas will focus on activities which provide positive social outcomes for those who experience socio economic disadvantage.  We want to increase provision and access to these types of activities, responding to the low levels of cultural amenities in Buckinghamshire.

Education is key to unlocking opportunities and a successful education in younger years can inspire a lifetime of learning and improve life chances. Our Priority Areas within this funding theme have been identified to deliver opportunities for creativity, learning and skills development at crucial points in a young person’s life.

The Rothschild family has a distinguished history of support for conservation and a long-standing interest in natural history. The theme of resource sustainability develops our interest in the broad field of the environment to encompass better use of resources within our food system.

Open to charities based in Buckinghamshire or those seeking to deliver work that benefits the county, Impact Grants offer grants of up to £150,000 over a maximum grant duration of three years. Full details of Funding Themes and Priority Areas can be found on the Rothschild Foundation website.

In keeping with the Rothschild family tradition of support for the local community, the Rothschild Foundation has also re-launched its small grants programme. The Local and Community grants programme supports the work of organisations in the area immediately around the Waddesdon Estate. Grants of up to £5,000 are available to organisations that make lives better for local people, ranging from activities addressing social isolation of the elderly through to increasing opportunities for people with disabilities.

Further details of both programmes may be found in the grant programmes section of our website.